Competition results 2019-20

As well as the regular in-season competition results, lower down this page you can find the results of the season's Finals and also of the 2020 Exhibition after they are held.

Competition results for 2019 - 2020
First projected digital image (“PDI”) competition
1st: Bounding across the mountain by Milt Ives
2nd: The path out of the woods by Derek Griffin
3rd: The next generation by Milt Ives
Imagination: Urban Secret Agent by Paul s'Jacob
First print competition
1st: Carmen in the spotlight by Brian Tabor LRPS
2nd: Life on earth by Peter Humphrey FRPS
3rd: Great egret chicks by Sheila Sargeant
Imagination: Beneath the spreading barcode tree by Ron Harding
Second PDI competition
1st: Shoreham lavender fields by Joselyne Horne
2nd: Autumn foraging by David Barker
3rd: Polar expedition vessel dwarfed by glacier, Svalbard by Milt Ives
Imagination: The eye at the V&A by Peter Humphrey FRPS
Second print competition
1st: Great Egret with Nesting Material by Sheila Sargeant
2nd: Tachinid Flies on Thistle by Sheila Sargeant
3rd: Wells Cathedral by Janice Harding
Imagination: Autumn Stag by Paul s'Jacob
Individual print panel competition
Winner: At The Races by Peter Dillon
Commended: Whistle Down The Wind by Paul síJacob
Commended: Strelitzia Let's Have Fun by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
Third PDI competition: theme “NIght Time”
1st: Trawler tragedy by Sheila Sargeant
2nd: Reculver Towers by moonlight by MIke Robinson
3rd: Honeymoon Cottage, Cedar Key by Sheila Sargeant
Imagination: Keep going well, keep going ... by Derek Griffin
Third print competition
1st & Imagination: Mist Over the Causeway by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
2nd: The Hills are Alive with the Sound of .. Rannoch Moor by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
3rd: Rannoch Moor by Peter Humphrey FRPS
Challenge competition: “Decay”
Winner: by
Fourth PDI competition
1st: by
2nd: by r
3rd: by
Imagination: by
Fourth print competition
1st: by
2nd: by
3rd: by
Imagination: by

Annual Exhibition Summer 2020

Visitors' Choice, from prints only

1st equal: by
1st equal: by
3rd: by

Results of the Finals 2019-20
BEST PICTURES OF THE YEAR (judged at the Finals)

Projected Digital Images

1st: by
2nd: by
3rd: by
Imagination: by


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3rd: by
Imagination: by