2020: Members' lockdown photographs

We suspended all our meetings in March 2020 when coronavirus hit and planned how we could keep contact between members and the benefit of belonging to the Club.

A member-only website was set up to share photographs on set themes that changed regularly. Members could show new photos, or could review their archives and use those pictures to match the themes. We didn't wrap the project in rules as we wanted to encourage involvement and a focus for photography ... and even some fun. We suggested up to 10 pictures per member to allow variety.

Members could include an explanation if they wished, and were invited to comment on other members' pictures. It was not a competition, although there was an "editor's pick" and a just-for-fun member's vote for favourites for each theme.

We realised that not all members would be able to show work as some didn't have time while grappling with demands like home-schooling, extra caring, new shopping routines and working effectively from home. But those who did not contribute still enjoyed seeing the work of others when they could find time.

The project was a big success and over 1000 photos were shared. There were some excellent pictures, including many that would probably not be seen in regular club competitions, more's the pity. And yes, there were some fun photos!

For this web display we invited each member who took part to share one favourite photo from the project.