Bryan Rawlins

Bryan is a one of our fairly recent members, although having joined in 2016 he has in fact been enjoying the Club for a few years.

He has kindly written two items for this site which are well worth a read, particularly by prospective or newer members who want to see what you can get out of Club membership. The first article describes Bryan's first year with the Club, and the second covers some of Bryan's further experiences.

The two sections here show some of Bryan's photographs that he has entered into our competitions and some of his submissions to the Club's 2020 Themes project that members took part in during the 2020 Covid restrictions. Between his two articles and the photos, he hopes it will help others just starting off, and show that you can start at the bottom without being made to feel stupid.

Thanks for sharing these early pictures Bryan; they do you credit and I like your humour, even if some judges don't - Webmaster!

Some of Bryan's competition entries

Some of Bryan's submissions for the Club's Themes project