Derek Medhurst

I've taken pictures and been a Club member for many years. I do not specialise in one topic, and over the years have photographed many subjects. I'm a bit of a photographic 'dabbler', and take stereo pictures and have tried pinhole photography. I seem to have become known in the Club for some unusual, maybe even challenging, photos. Any creativity/imagination that I show is derived from what I see with my eyes rather than created in an imaging program. The first two rows of pictures are ones that have been successful over 2015/16 in international salons. The 3rd and 4th rows are just a few other photos from the last couple of years or so.

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  • Quest
    This really polarised opinions in the Club!
  • Storm brewing
  • Winter flight
  • Natural Power
  • City street
  • Grey day at the beach
  • A thought crushed
  • Passing pedestrians
  • London rain
  • Winter contrast, Dresden
  • On the wall
  • Industrial shadows
  • Shadow of time
  • Murky shore
  • Warming up
  • The Empress's new clothes
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