Links: photo help and hints

This page contains links to sites that may offer some help or ideas with your photography.(Each link opens in a new browser window.) See also other hints in our Photo Hints section.

Photographic magazines

Amateur Photographer The weekly magazine's website

Aperture Foundation US based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to photography

British Journal of Photography The site for the weekly UK magazine aimed at professional photographers. First published in 1854. Also see the BJP Blog

Digital Camera website for the monthly magazine

Digital Photo The monthly magazine's website (also for Practical Photography)

ePhotozine web-based photography 'virtual' magazine

f2 Freelance + digital magazine

Lenswork magazine and photographic website (US based)

Photography News monthly newspaper-style publication, plus online.

Photography Monthly The magazine's website

Practical Photography The monthly magazine's website (also for Digital Photo)

Photographic manufacturers with helpful hints & tips

Ilford Photo Black & white photographic material specialists - especially but not exclusively for those interested in 'real silver' traditional technology

Kodak's Taking Great Pictures Photographic hints and tips Fujifilm's site dedicated to promoting the continuing use of real film

Other photo help sites - commercial or not

Digicamhelp Digital photography guide for beginners and beyond

Digital Photography Review for thorough reviews of digital cameras and lenses

The (non-commercial) website Extreme Macro has a wealth of useful information about different types of macro photography, equipment, software, techniques, etc. And it's got some rather good macro photos as well which might inspire you to try it out!

Clive Haynes FRPS - previous speaker at the Club, his website has many tutorials and a link to the Topaz Labs Photoshop plug-ins; follow the link to get a discount.

Gavin Hoey - for Photoshop and general photographic training DVDs and courses by this regular and popular presenter at our Club. Includes free video tutorials.

The Luminous Landscape - a site ‘devoted to the art of landscape, nature and documentary photography’, recommended by some of our members. Tips and techniques to improve your photography - digital and conventional. Aimed at beginners but others may find some useful ideas

The Snugg: this page on a commercial American website has some helpful tips on cleaing digital cameras and links to other sites with further information. Go to the US site if asked. (Thanks to Kathy in the US for this suggestion — it's nice to know that the Club's website has such global readership!)